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40 Days to a Better Me: Day 12--I LIke Myself

40 Days to a Better Me: Day 12–”I Like Myself”

One of the most influential spiritual teachers of all time was Jesus of Nazareth.  His teachings have inspired…


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40 Days to a Better Me: Day 11--Welcome Diversity

Paw-Paw, you white.” These were the words of my two year old granddaughter spoken directly to me eye ball to eye ball.  Well, she was seated her car seat and I was making eye contact with her via my rear view mirror.  Anyway, the statement made me stop to figure out what she was saying.

Children call things like…


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40 Days to a Better Me: Day 10--Bust a Move

Having a dream is essential.  Getting around the right people is necessary.  Getting rid of fear is key.  But until you bust a move—you’re only stating a preference.

Over 1,800 years ago the Apostle James said that faith without works is dead (James 2:26 KJV).  Those words have sparked numerous theological debates…


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40 Days to a Better Me: Day 09--Get Rid of Fear

40 Days to a Better Me: Day 09 Get Rid of Fear

A hurricane was on a collision course with Iberia Parish Louisiana.  That was not uncommon.  Numerous hurricanes have pummeled this portion of the Gulf Coast in the past. People in the low lying areas of Cypremort Point, Louisa and Weeks Island and moved further…


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40 Days to a Better Me: Day 08--Get Inspiration

40 Days to a Better Me: Day 08—Get Inspiration

In an attempt to sell everything from dog food to cosmetics, we are inundated with a constant barrage of marketing.   Advertising tells us that real luxury is driving this particular car.  The magazine ads tell us that the fragrance they are promoting will make…


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40 Days to a Better Me: Day 07--Get around the right people

40 Days to a Better Me: Day 07—Get Around the Right People.

The old saying “birds of a feather flock together’ is true.  There is nothing that will speak more about person than whom they associate with.  Therefore, it is imperative that you build networks with people who will propel your life forward.  The reason for this is because the people who you allow into your life on a personal level will either help to build your dreams or they will destroy them. 

How many stories have…


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40 Days to a Better Me: Day 06--You Gotta Have a Dream

40 Days to a Better Me: Day 06—you gotta have a dream!

The lyrics to an old song say “If you ain’t gotta dream, how ya gonna have a dream come true?’  The sad reality is, millions of people wander through life with no dreams, no hopes, no aspirations for anything better than what they currently have. That is…


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40 Days to a Better Me: Day 05--Have Fun

40 Days to a Better Me—Day 05—Have Fun

When I was a boy living in the strange and distant land of Indiana, my summers were filled with the traditional family ritual of camping.  Each summer we would trek to Brown County State Park, throw up a couple tents and spend a week or two there.   And, I loved it!



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Bumper Stickers--Mean People Suck!

Bumper Stickers–MEAN PEOPLE SUCK!

How would you describe a bumper sticker? I mean they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They come in more colors and…


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Lenten Study on Early Christianity at Kirkwood UCC

Friends:  Join a 6 week study on sunday afternoons (2:00 - 4:00) at Kirkwood UCC, 2033 Hosea Williams Drive Atlanta, GA 30317. The class will use Elaine Pagels book Beyond Belief as our main focus.  Each week we will examine a paradigm of Jesus as presented by six different early church witnesses:  The Synoptic Goispels, Apostle Paul, Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of John, Gospel of Mary Magdalene and The Didache. Each clas will include about an hour of teaching and… Continue

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Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers

Well there must have been an accident on Interstate 95 this morning. Traffic was backed up for miles leading to the on ramp. Though I was not headed to the interstate, the route to my…


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9/11 Peace Vigil - Come Join Us!


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Final approach to Atlanta, my new home


Some of you may know I've been planning to move to Atlanta - I left New York City after thirteen years and to prepare for the transition into Atlanta have been staying with my parents about an hour outside the city. Well, now I'm ramping up and planning to be in the city by May 15th.

This coming weekend of the Pete Rollins event is a great moment for me to see one of my favorite emergent voices as well as spend the whole weekend in the city…

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The chaotic God of order

Read the conclusion to my blog 4 part series on Order, Chaos, God and their interaction in our lives and leave your thoughts.

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Open Source Christianity

I had a great lunch conversation yesterday with Troy and one of our topics came out of a discussion on the book "Tribes". How we do church in the future will be heavily influenced by the whole "open source" movement. Today in most denominations there are series of hoops one must jump through to get the keys to ministry; seminary, ordained, appointed, called. Meanwhile the world is learning how to hotwire the ministry car. This has a profound impact on where church is going. What will be the… Continue

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New Class in November

"What the Gospels Really Teach about Jesus' Birth" is a five week class I will be teaching on Monday nights at 7:30 November 9 - December 7 at Pilgrimage UCC, 3755 Sandy Plains Rd, Marietta, GA. The texts for the class will include "The First Christmas" by Borg & Crossan and "The Real Mary" by emergent friend Scott McKnight. There is no cost for the class but there will be a love offering taken each evening.

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