Final approach to Atlanta, my new home


Some of you may know I've been planning to move to Atlanta - I left New York City after thirteen years and to prepare for the transition into Atlanta have been staying with my parents about an hour outside the city. Well, now I'm ramping up and planning to be in the city by May 15th.

This coming weekend of the Pete Rollins event is a great moment for me to see one of my favorite emergent voices as well as spend the whole weekend in the city looking at apartments and neighborhoods. So I'll be there Friday afternoon for the Insurrection that will be taking place, and in the aftermath while the smoke is still clearing, I'll be there all day Saturday and Sunday - so let me know of anything going on in your communities of faith and I'd love to come along.

Also, any leads, advice or ideas on finding a great place Intown will be greatly appreciated. I'm very excited about my new city!

Thanks, Jeff Kursonis

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